To Connect, or Not to Connect?? That IS the Question.


Hi Everyone!

I pose this question because I have seen many different facets of, this fairly recent phenomenon, known as, “Social Media”.

Years ago, when MySpace was the place to be, my daughter, and many of her friends, called it a friendship/relationship destroyer!!  I saw it in action!  However, I had the most unlikely encounter from a stranger that found me on MySpace years ago, who wired me $500 to help me with repairs to my house!! I was frightened. I had only mentioned a cracked window in my son’s room. He somehow got my zip code through ??? When I asked, “Why”?, he simply stated he was having a good day!  Wow!  I haven’t spoken to him since.

I see Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters, Friends, etc…enjoying a meal at a restaurant  together, yet NEVER making eye contact. They are too busy making “contact” with others, on their respective mobile devices, to enjoy one another’s company! However, if you take pictures of the food you eat, there are apps you can download to upload those pics to support charities for the hungry!!

I’ve witnessed FB family feuding (so silly) and FB family reunions (wonderful)!!

Many people get ripped off through Internet Scams while others make Fortunes through Internet Driven Businesses!!

It’s up to you to Connect, or Not to Connect! Make the most of it!!

Most importantly….Don’t forget EYE Contact and REAL hugs and kisses!!! XOXO!



3 comments on “To Connect, or Not to Connect?? That IS the Question.

  1. Tim Marx says:

    Very nicely put…I on the other hand have seen far more than just that, meaning a lot more than mentioned and since you wrote that I’m sure you ‘ve seen much more too…I don’t know. But I thank you for one thing, when you mentioned something about eye contact I stopped and thought, “I use to ALWAYS make eye contact” but caught myself now realizing i don’t do that as often. So I’ll try and get a grip on that here in the future…. But all in all the social media is good, bad, and ugly! Sometimes great and educational if you use it for good and not just for social media and/or porn sites. I can’t do a search anymore without it ending up in some naked chick or what have you but thats what it’s come down to and no I won’t change my content setting….
    But anyways…thanks for sharing Sherry, hopefully people will snap out of it cuz all its doing is brain washing them and taking our guards down, need to wake up and look see whats really happening under everyone’s noses shoved into them phones/tablets/etc.
    Talk to ya later, have a good nite. (Notice? Not one lol, wtf, btw, lmao, smh, or ttyl…etc. HA, see some of us get it….:D

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