I find myself in a conundrum about social media. There are so many factors as to how people use it.

It can relieve or add to loneliness. It can be used to connect with friends or family that you lost track of. On the other hand, it allows people that you would prefer not have in your life to eventually pop up!

People use it to boost their business/reputation or to tear down someone else’s.

Families and friends use it to keep in touch in a most convenient way or to tear those relationships apart behind a wall we know as the internet.

Let the social media connection (texts included) we are blessed with, allow us to build up one another and not be a negative force. It’s your choice.

Last but not least, remember to make actual phone calls and don’t forget to make eye contact whenever the occasion arises! It happens more often than we might realize!

Best wishes,


Please view the video below. You will not be disappointed!

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